Issue # 190

The Antigonish Review Issue # 190



Two Poems Chris Oke 7
Two Poems J.K. Snyder 13
Two Foot John Donlan 15
Two Poems Tom Wayman 16
Herb Garden Michael Pacey 24 
The Stars Were Everywhere  Bill Howell  26 
Two Poems  Colette Maitland  45 
Four Poems  Sean Howard  51 
Four Poems  Hugh McMillan  64 
Two Poems  Jennifer Houle  73 
Spring Lamb Patrick Vitullo 75
Two Poems Jonathan Greenhause 81
Death Sentence for leftists & Arabs Rocco de Giacomo 84
The Ice Cutters David Mohan 88
Moving Out  W.B. MacDonald  89 
Three Poems Mollie Coles Tonn 99 
Spinoza  Kenneth Banks  102 
Two Poems  Kat Cameron  109
Two Poems  Anne Sheldon  115 
Leaving San Pedro La Laguna, Lake Atitlán Noon Susanne von Rennenkampff 117
Two Poems Ricardo Sternberg 128


Birmingham Small Arms Teresa O'Brien 9
Homecoming Wayne Curtis 27
The Thermometer Joe Davis 57
If We Aren't In Love Evan L. Klein 103
Anchor Susanne Fletcher 132


Book Reviews

Year of the Horse: A journal of healing and adventure by Marjorie Simmins Marion Quednau 19
German Mills by John Steffler Larry Matthews 47
In the Pressure of the Moment: Remembering Gerry McNeil by David McNeil Don Nichol 69
Willem de Kooning's Paintbrush: Stories by Kerry Lee Powell Ian Colford 85
Mister Nightingale by Paul Bowdring Larry Matthews 111



Nourishment Sherry Mendelson 77
Island Memories: Newfoundland, Maui Tony Fabijančić 90
Searching for Sarah Mhoire Carolyn MacLeod 119


Contributors 137


Cover: Crooked As Sin, Acrylic inks on paper, 12 x 25" by Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara.





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