Issue # 185

The Antigonish Review Issue # 185


Wish Granted Norma West Linder 7
Moricetown Maureen Evans 8
She would recognize a sonnet Adele Graf 28
Three Poems Pauline Peters 40
Four Poems Mona T. Lydon-Rochelle 47
Nothing to Forgive Jane Byers 54
One Tree Eleonore Schönmaier 66
dTwo Poems Tim Prior 76
Muskoka Fall Susan Alexander 79
Remember when you said that thing  Heather Cadsby 90
Death and the Maiden Len Gasparini 106
How Long You Figure Until You Become a God? Rocco de Giacomo 119
Without Grace Maureen Scott Harris 120
The House, so they say Deirdre Dwyer 120
Important Stuff About Raspberries Bill Howell 134

Book Reviews

Confidence by Russell Smith; Daydreams of Angels by Heather O'Neill, Specimen by Irina Kovalyova and Daddy Lenin and Other Stories by Guy Vanderhaeghe Lisa Moore 55
Nefertiti in the Flak Tower by Clive James Michael Oliver 91
Tales from Beyond the Tap by Randy BAchman Don Nichol 109
On the Labrador by Arnold Zageris Wilf Cude 127


The May Snow Stephanie Dickinson 29
The Poet's Soul is Two-Faced: A 21st Century Translsation Peggy Herring 80


Four Poems  (translated by Fiona Sze-Lorrain) Ling Yu 20
Two Poems (translated by Fiona Sze-Lorrain) Georgette Leblanc 60


Epidemic Kevin Eze 9
It Sometimes Happens That Moez Surani 43
What Very Seldom Happens Is Moez Surani 45
The Meat Disappears from the Bones Christine Estima 67
Relocation Anthony Kane Evans 95
The Teeny Victim Esmé Claire Keith 99
The Morning I Met the Devil at Laharn Bridge Catherine Dowling 113
The Day I Married Jesus Cathy MacLean 121

Art Work

Cover: Two Islands, Oil Painting, 2015 by Joy Laking.



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