Issue # 121




Kate Braid, Jon Dallas, Heather Duff, John L. Falk, Bernadette Higgins, Katia Kapovich, Sue MacLeod, Leanna McLennan, Jean McNeil, Joanne Merriam, Sue Nevill, Rebecca B. Rank, Jim Roberts, Rodney Robertson, Carmine Stamino, Richard Vance, Alan R. Wilson, Joyce Wilson, Michael Wurster.


Ellen Rose on Building a Bridge to the Eighteenth Century: How the Past Can Improve Our Future by Neil Postman.

John Fell on Altered Biography by Douglass Isaac.
Hammer and Tongs ed. Brad Cran

Sheldon Currie on J.B. McLachlan by David Frank.
The Long Stretch by Linden MacIntyre

Robert Edison Sandiford on Island Wings by Cecil Foster.

Mary Barnes Pontypool Changes Everything, by Tony Burgess.
Caesarea by Tony Burgess


Glen Downey - The Relentless Combination: Chess and the Patterns of Madness in Vladimir Nabokov's The Defense


Postcards From Asia by Daniel Hudon


Me and Mrs. Jones by Kathie Austin

The New Wife by Mary Swan

Where He Is Not by Lisa Sporte

A Rain Check by Richard Cumyn


Six Poems by Coral Bracho
Translated by Paulo Da Costa

from My Daughter, Mother by Jeanne Hyvrard
Translated by Miléna Santoro


Paul Price: Cover
Brendan Sanderson
Alan Wilson

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