Issue # 120





At the Movies: The Interpenetration of Cinema and Virtual Reality: by Robert Fiander.

On Looking into Rifts and Crannies: Alice Munroe's Friend of My Youth by Judith Maclean Miller.


Mrs. Rosen by Maureen Lennon

Immortality Plus by Richard M. Berlin

An Ounce of Civet by George Little

Worth More Than a Thousand Words by Virginia Hayden

Aubergine by Jay Ruzesky

Ham Sandwich Eulogy by Amy Shepherd

Theatre Arts by Ursula Pflug

We Are Ten by Claire Mulligan

Victory Comes in Tiny Instalments by Rabindranath Maharaj

Laurie by Jess Bond


Bridget Wayland, R.D. Patrick, Jane Blue, Colin Carberry, David Cavanagh, Patricia McKenzie, Virgil Suarez, Susanne Kort, Ronnie R. Brown, Jennica Harper, Stephen Hines, K.I. Press, Terry Hermsen, Don Russ, Ian Roy, Sarah B. Wiseman, Sue Wheeler.


The Medium and the Light: Marshall McLuhan's Reflections on Religion, by Eric McLuhan and Jacek Szklarek, eds.

Reviewed by Tony Tremblay.

No Great Mischief by Alistar MacLeod

Reviewed by Sheldon Currie.

Nights on Prospect Street by Heather Pyrcz
Anthem by Helen Humphreys
Song's for Relinquishing the Earth by Jan Zwicky

Reviewed by Anne Simpson.

Beatrice Chancy by George Elliott Clarke

Reviewed by Robert Edison Sandiford.

OTHER: British and Irish Poetry since 1970 by Richard Caddel and Peter Quartermain, eds.

Reviewed by John Xiros Cooper.


Five Poems by Gu Cheng

Translated by Aaron Crippen

Poems by Jeanne Hyvrard

Translated by Miléna Santoro

Poems by Boris Slutsky

Translated by Grigory Roytman

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John Reeves

George Sanderson

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