Issue # 115




Rad Smith, Sue Ann Alderson, Catherine Moss, Kristjana Gunnars, Mary Ellen Csamer, Eleonore Schönmaier, Desmond Graham, George Kalamaras, Kevin Black, D.C. Reid, J.D. Kenedy, Tanya Kern, Roger Moore, Nan Minard Stender, Wendy Mnookin, Maury Wrubleski, Terry Mulert.


From the Bridge Viviana Mellet
Translated by Kathy S. Leonard

Homage to Quintus Horatius Horace
Translated by Gilda Roberts


Jim Reil, Liz Moore, Lawrence G. Yates, Michael Bryson, Trudy J. Morgan-Cole, Jim Moodie.


Imagining Canadian Literature: Selected Letters of Jack McClelland
Edited by Sam Solecki Jennifer LoveGrove

Eyeing the North Star: Directions in African-Canadian Literature - Lorna Crozier
Edited by George Elliott Clarke
Robert Edison Sandiford

Literaty Modernism and the Occult Tradition, Eds. Leon Surette and Demetres P. Tryphonopoulos 

Modernist Alchemy: Poetry and the Occult by Timoty Materer
Tom Hodd

Tortoise Soup by Jessica Speart
The Ape Who Guards the Balance by Elizabeth Peters
Sweet Poison by William Relling, Jr.
Lying Crying Dying by Dominic Martell
Death of a Dustbunny Christine T. Jorgensen
The Trader's Wife by T.C. Black
The Violet Hour by Richard Montanari Mark Pulman


Remember Wordsworth
G. Kim Blank

Dalmatia (3)
Tony Favijancic

An Inner Bell that Rings: the Craft of Alice Munro
Judith Maclean Miller

Contributors Artwork

Tony Fabijancic
Globe & Mail (photo of Munro)
Brendan Sanderson
W. Shuter
Alan Syliboy: Cover

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