Issue # 99





Jane Aaron Vander Wal, Sue Nevill, Kenneth banks, Alexander Dick, Troy Jollimore, Barry Butson, Ross Thompson Finley, Kristjana Gunnars, Joan Bond, J.A. Wainwright, Timothy Ellis, Darlene Searcy, D.S. Martin, David A. Petreman, Sheila Stewart, Jane Spavold Tims, Timothy Kaiser, Ronna Bloom, Michael Hulse.


Two Poems Marina Tsvetaeva
Traslated by Nina Kossman

Story by Mikhail Kuzmin
Traslated by John Barnstead

The End of Volume Two
Traslated by John Barnstead


Blanche Howard, Ian Fraser, Mark Sabourin, Edward O'Conner


Love As It Is by Marilyn
Bowering, Hologram: A Book of Glosas by P.K. Page
Allan Brown

It All Adds Up: From the Dim Past to the Uncertain Future by Saul Bellow
Robert Edison Sandiford


The Muse and the Contemporary Classic
Dana Wilde

David Adams Richards: The People on the Roadway
Sheldon Currie

Flannery O'Connor's Long Apprenticeship: Honing the Habits of Irony and satire
Virginia Wray

Contributors Artwork

G. Brender à Brandis
Béla egyedi
Martin Flewwelling
Linda Johns
Bernice MacDonald: cover


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