Issue # 84





Mark Cochrane, John Foy, Katharine Clarke, Selwyn Pritchard, Mark Sanders, LaVerne Adams, Mark Farrell, Omar Pound, B.K. Filson, Geoffrey Inverarity, Mary Ellen Csamer, Alice Major, Michael Hulse, Kevin Irie, J.R. Stevens, Jill Solnicki, Carl Leggo, Erik Lindblad, Joan MacDougall, Chris Terry, Burt Porter, Amber Hayward, Michael Thorpe Steffen Menching, William Sweet, Hugh Miller, Stewart Donovan.


Charlotte Clutterbuck, Steven Heighton, Félix Leclerc trasnlated by John Palander, Debbie Howlett, Victor Ricciotti.


Violet to Vita: The Letters of Violet Trefusis to Vita Sackville-West
edited by Mitchell A. Leasaka & John Phillips
Clare MacCulloch

The Divine Ryans by Wayne Johnson
Leo Furey

Black and White Tapestry by Fred Cogswell
Domestic Economy by John Donlan
Winter by Patrick Lane
J.K. Snyder


Setting Poetic Sail for the Nineties: Out of the Doldrums of the Eighties into the Open Sea fo the Nineties
Peter Stevens

Keeping: The Cameron Yard
Peter Sanger

Improved Epigrams
Louis Dudek

Contributors Artwork

Béla egyedi
Eve Faulkes
Siegfried Hasse
Linda Johns
Brendan Sanderson
Anna Syperek: Cover


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