Poet Grow-Op - What is in it for me

Why you should submit to the Poet Grow-Op

The honor—the prestige!—of being published online by one of Canada’s oldest literary magazines! That’s what’s in it for you! If your work is selected, you will receive a free copy of TAR’s latest issue. Unfortunately we are not able to reward our online contributors monetarily at this time. The Poet Grow-Op is a venture at The Antigonish Review which aims to provide emerging artists with exposure and publication experience. Honor and prestige aside, it’s opportunity we want to provide students.


Wayne Johnston

“... one of the most highly respected literary journals in this country and other countries.” - Wayne Johnston, winner of the Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction

M. Travis Lane

“... one of the best of Canada’s small literary magazines.” - M. Travis Lane, winner of the Atlantic Poetry Prize

Glen Sorestad

“... one of the pillars of Canadian writing for almost as long as I can remember.” - Glen Sorestad, Poet Laureate of Saskatchewan

Douglas Lochhead

“... one of the region’s and, indeed, Canada’s, leading literary journals.” - Douglas Lochhead, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Stephanie Bolster

“The Antigonish Review is particularly open to work from emerging writers from across the country.” - Stephanie Bolster, Winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry

Alistair MacLeod

“... the best literary periodical to come out of the Maritimes.” - Alistair MacLeod, winner of the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award