The Poet Grow-Op


A Coast to Coast Partnership:

UBC’s Booming Ground and SFX’s The Antigonish Review partner to discover and mentor great young literary talent.

The Antigonish Review has a grow-op, and UBC wants a part of it. Choosing from the best emerging writers in college or university, the Grow-Op features up-and-coming poets four times a year on their website, The Poet Grow-Op.

The Poet Grow-Op will partner with UBC’s non-credit Creative Writing program, Booming Ground. Bomming Ground offers six-month mentorships in which students work on a manuscript or a series of poems or short fiction. “We’re looking for talented students, students with real potential and enthusiasm, who are just starting their career,” says Sarah Tsiang, a Booming Ground mentor. “The Poet Grow-Op is a natural fit. The writers they have selected are both talented and in the perfect stage of their career to start a comprehensive, one-on-one mentorship.”

Booming Ground now offers automatic acceptance for any poet who has been featured or is forthcoming with The Poet-Grow Op. Acceptance also includes a reduced tuition. “We’re extremely pleased to be able to offer opportunity,” says Tsiang. “The talent that The Poet Grow-Op has identified is phenomenal.”

For more information on Booming Ground please email

Any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions can be directed to Grow-Op editor at  Before submitting your poetry to The Poet Grow-Op please be sure to read our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES page. Submissions may be sent to

Poetry can expose you. It can make you laugh, make you giggle like a fool. Poetry can be intoxicating, or maybe sobering. It can be pensive, methodical. It can be "deep." Sometimes it can be just totally fucked up. Poetry alters your perspective - shows you the world in a new light, however fleeting a glimpse it might be, draws attention to something you never noticed before. It is subversive -- maybe even little bit criminal! For some, it is a secret indulgence.

Most of all, poetry is organic. It's always growing and changing, and it is in this spirit that The Antigonish Review (TAR) has created The Poet Grow-Op, an online space dedicated to emerging artists. We want to help poets who are in the midst of post-secondary studies to set their roots and maybe cultivate a name for themselves. We want to bring attention to -- focus our fluorescent lights on -- some of the great writing that's happening on college and university campuses all over. The Grow-Op features a selection of poets on a quarterly basis, in tandem with TAR's publication. And getting involved couldn't be easier; all it takes is an email. (See guidelines for more information.)

Poetry is flora. It can be found in the neighbours' flowerbed, in a pot out on the building's fire escape, or with the weeds in a ditch. The Poet Grow-Op strives to nurture new growth and give student writers an opportunity to showcase their work, to share their art with our online readers around the world.

TAR's Poet Grow-Op began in early 2008.

As things are, and as fundamentally they must always be, poetry is not a career, but a mug's game. No honest poet can ever feel quite sure of the permanent value of what he has written. He may have wasted his time and messed up his life for nothing.